Daniela A. Koenig was born in Wuerzburg.
She has a Masters degree in Pedagogics but has always focused on the art of painting. She took training in drawing, oil painting, graphic arts and drawing at private schools and continued to immerse herself in art history.

During a period of unemployment she took the opportunity to follow her talent in painting and became a freelance artist. She studied in 2003 – 2007 in Hamburg with the master painter Lothar Schulz-Goldap who is one of the few students of Fritz Mackensen (a founder of an artist colony).

She focussed on painting railways and landscapes. Especially the fascinating details influence her picturesque view of technology which requires high precision and expertise. This expressive perfection combines the special mood and atmosphere that is inherent in her paintings and captures the viewer’s attention.

Her previous exhibitions include Wuerzburg, Nuremberg, Berlin and Meiningen.